Brighton Photo Fringe – 2016

Exhibiting a few pieces in The Brighton Photo Fringe Collectives Hub, with the most recent  Tri-pod project research and development group.


Tim Andrews – Project

As Tim Andrews draws his prolific portraiture project to an end it was an honor to be one of the final photographers to officially photograph him.. It turned out to be one of those magical shoots where all the elements just gracefully fell in to place. Click to see more & read Tim’s blog post…wep_1348

Big Issue – 25 yr Anniversary Exhibition

Fresh out of my BA Photography course many moons ago, I landed the job as the first staff photographer at the newly formed Big Issue Magazine. Apparently that was almost 25yrs ago and a few images that I’ve managed to dig out from those distant days are being included in a Big Issue anniversary exhibition alongside a photographic project about homelessness by the one and only Mr Bryan ‘I Want to Run to You’ Adams!!

The Big Issue ‘Up from the Streets’ 25 Years of a Publishing Revolution at The Proud Galleries, London
17th October – 30th October.

Sinead O’Connor © Wendy Pye – 1992


Kaleidoscopic Landscape Tests

New Landscape Series Tests – Seaford Head


Cinemagraph Ideas & Test

Cinemagraph Test..

I use to enjoy creating animated gifs old school when I designed websites years ago, so I was drawn to this version of the technique that plays with freezing video and masking out areas of the frame that show repetitive movement.  I tested the technique out on some of my Beachy Head ‘Six Feet from the Edge’ video footage.  This technique creates the sense that the photograph has a living moment inside of it & I’m inspired to explore further…


Rusalka Project

At the beginning of the year I was commissioned to facilitate a photography project in 2 special needs schools in Tunbridge Wells. The Project ran parallel with the production of the Dvorak opera Rusalka, a lottery commissioned project produced in the same schools by the theatrical arts organisation La Folia. Twenty students from years 12 & 13 participated in 4 weekly, 90 – minute photography workshops in January and February this year.

The watery themes dominant throughout the story of Rusalka,inspired the project and collaboratively the students created a series of photographic portraits exploring
themselves in connection to water, power, dreams and magic. The students were taught some basic photographic skills alongside experimenting with various techniques to create the
illusion of being immersed in water, resulting in a series of magical portraits and this photo film that was screened before the performance.



Brighton Photo Fringe
Phoenix Gallery
23 Oct – 5 Nov

I have a new piece in a small exhibition at Phoenix Gallery Brighton, part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. The exhibition brings together a snapshot of work in progress by nine of the original members of the Tri-pod Network. Tri-pod is a creative initiative I set up with Miranda Gavin in 2010 to support the development of photographic and lens-based personal projects.

The exhibition has been a good opportunity to experiment with some new ideas and explore moving out of my comfort zone. I had the urge to tear the photographic print in response to the erosion of the cliff edge at Beachy Head. After a lot of experimention I am pleased with the results and plan to continue using the concept of the tear within a developing series. Here is a rough 1 minute video clip, filmed on my iphone creating the tear!